Mansco is a result of a merge between Al Mansour Automotive and Scope investment.

May 31, 2020
Mansco is a result of a merge between Al Mansour Automotive and Scope investment.

Mansco’s history goes back to the end of the year 2017, when Al Mansour Automotive decided to create a new entity in order to become the only exclusive distributor of Peugeot in Egypt, under the name “Mansco”


This new entity born giant and unique as it combines the expertise of Al Mansour Automotive which goes beyond 40 years in the automotive industry with a network of more than 25 showrooms and service centers.

The reason behind the success of Mansco are the huge investments made by Al Mansour Automotive to support Peugeot in Egypt by availing experienced services and management teams. In addition to availing fast services like call centers and Road side assist that are available 24 hours all week long, in order to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and moreover for our customers to enjoy premium services that reflect the International name and image of Peugeot.

The company “Mansco” was established in order to have a separate legal entity that only serves Peugeot’s customers, benefiting from the huge history and expertise of Al Mansour Automotive with the best resources in both management and technicality with the goal of meeting the demands and needs of Peugeot’s customers.

Now with the takeoff of Mansco, it became possible for all Peugeot lovers to enjoy all of Peugeot’s innovations that come out from the French lion’s den. As Peugeot’s required qualifications are strict in the quality control section. Therefore, those who have one of Peugeot’s cars enjoy the luxury and the power of a real car at the same time. And because of the diversity of customers’  constantly changing needs, we offered some of the most luxurious and modern Peugeot models that will fulfill all the needs of our beloved customers with special qualities and innovations, such as these models: 3008 5008 2008 301 508