auto-body service

PEUGEOT auto-body maintenance service


Has one of your vehicles suffered damage? Whether it is interior or exterior, minor or more serious, its repair deserves special attention and the know-how of professionals.


Your Peugeot auto-body Services repairer guarantees you :


• quality work that meets the strictest requirements of the manufacturer,

• a team of trained auto-body specialists,

• guaranteed parts and labour,

• dedicated equipment and tools,

• original manufacturer parts or parts from the circular economy,

• rigorous quality control.

For your convenience :

• we carry out all the necessary work, including on the glazing, for a complete overhaul of the vehicle,

• You carry out maintenance and auto-body operations in the same workshop,


Peugeot also offers a range of auto-body and glazing packages (impact repair and optical renovation) at smart prices to restore your car to its original appearance.