General Information

How do I contact Customer Services?

Kindly call 19207 or visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/PeugeotEgypt


Where can I find information on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption?

You can contact one of our sales representatives  through our hotline 19207 and he will be glad to help you answer any questions regarding the your Peugeot vehicle.


How do I find a Peugeot Dealer?

You can use our “Find a dealer option” in the home page and locate the nearest dealer to you or you can kindly call our 19207 and talk to our representative who will be glad to point to you the nearest dealer to where you live


How do I contact Fleet sales?


For information about the fleet sales, contact us on the fleet accounts line 01204919032




I need a new Owners Manual - where can I get one from?

Every car should come with a user manual. In case, you have received your car without the car manual, contact the Sales Dept. at the Administration building at 11 Salah Salem St. Phone: 24828057/8


Where can I get accessories for my Peugeot?

You can check our accessories page (Home>Accessories>choose your vehicle) or you can visit one of our showrooms, but before visiting make sure you contact us first on 19207

How long will it take to own a Peugeot vehicle?

The delivery process of the vehicles depends mainly on the availability of the color specified by yourself, the more available, the faster the delivery is. 


Where can I find the technical specifications for Peugeot vehicles?

For technical specifications, you’ll find each technical specifications within the model’s page containing information about model Motor, size, equipments, …etc. or you can contact one of our representatives through our hotline 19207 who will be glad to answer all your questions

Where can I find vehicle prices on your website?

On the top right of each Model’s page, you’ll find the price in EGPs


Where can I get a brochure for the Peugeot model(s) I'm interested in?

We’re currently working on uploading our brochures on the website and should be available soon, however if it’s urgent, you can visit one of our dealers.


Where can I find out more about the Peugeot range?

You can visit our models page ( Home page > Automobiles > Models) , or you can visit the nearest Peugeot dealer, and he will brief you about our models. 


What should I do if I lose one of my car keys?

Every car has an account in Peugeot Service box in which Keys’ codes can be accessed through the car Chassis number. You have to go to the Service centre with your Chassis number and report your loss. They will replace it for you.



What is the Warranty for my Vehicle?


Each vehicle has a specific warranty that’s only available within the boundaries of the country ( For more information about international warranty please contact us via our Hotline 19207 to the international warranty of your model)



Can I get an extended warranty?


Yes , you certainly can, however, getting an extended warranty is for an extra charge.



I want to get the Peugeot Map

Visit one of our service centers or authorized dealers for a Peugeot Map that illustrates the different locations of Peugeot Service centers.

My car broke down, What should I do?

In case your car broke down, Please call Peugeot Road assistance on the following Number 0122 455 2222 - Available 7 days a week


How frequently should I get my car serviced?

For more information about the frequency of the services please visit and view our service plans (After sales > Plans and Warranties> Service plans)


What are the benefits of servicing my car at my Peugeot dealer?

  • ·         High Quality service guaranteed

    ·         Availability of spare parts.

    ·         Discounts and special offers

    ·         Courtesy car availability.

    ·         Service is monitored.



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